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Why Silfresh Silicone Products?

Save Money

Silfresh targets single-use plastic used internally within kitchens for food preparation. We specialise in creating reusable silicone lids, tray, bags and much more, that ultimately replace the need to repurchase plastic items such as cling wrap. This means that food businesses can reduce their fortnightly procurement costs. Our reusable products require washing after use, however they are still cheaper when compared over the lifespan of the product. 

Reduce Food Waste

Silicone is thicker and less porous than plastic. This means that there is less oxygen leakage when food is contained in silicone. By using Silfresh silicone products, we expect to extend the shelf life of food by up to one day extra over normal plastic alternative. This leads to a dramatic reduction in food waste across your organisation. 

Simplify Operations

Our functional and practical silicone products create a modern way to tackle the problem of plastic waste. We utilise processes already streamlined in kitchen operations. Silfresh silicone products withstand temperatures of up to 200 degrees and slip easily into industrial dishwashers.  

Our Industry partners

We work with all types of businesses ranging from local butchers to ASX listed companies across the food industry. 


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