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How we outsmart plastic through design

1. Explore Kitchen Requirements

Our team of operational and design experts visit the food preparation kitchen. We observe  current food packaging practices to determine what plastic products are currently in use and where the opportunities are to reduce them. The Silfresh team take time to engage with key stakeholders and staff to understand the food preparation workflow ensuring we meet your kitchen needs. 

2. Design Custom Silicone Product

Silfresh brings the information back to our design team at our headquarters. We create a free custom design to fit into the workflow of the kitchen. During this time, the team also does a financial comparison of the new product vs the old plastic product. 

3. Prototype & Trials

Silfresh then proposes the design and potential of the new product to your business. If you agree, we will then begin prototyping the product for subsequent trials. 


We value your feedback and want to know what the team thinks. Through your feedback we can then polish the design and scale production. 

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