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The Story of 

Silfresh Packaging


In August 2018, Tony Tan & Nir Nikolaevsky decided to tackle one of Australia’s largest environmental problems - plastic pollution.


Whilst working part-time at a local supermarket deli, Nir threw out piles of plastic into landfill after a single use. Nir had been using plastic cling wrap to cover meat trays for years. But, this plastic was so light that it would float right off garbage trucks into gutters and oceans, devastating Australian marine life.


That's why Nir partnered with Tony to find and create a reusable solution, that not only made sense for the environment, but also had a strong business case.


After months of research and design, they launched Silfresh Sustainable Packaging.

Deli boy & engineer Nir (left) with environmental scientist Tony (right)